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August 19, 2015

One Sunday in worship during my time with the children, I was teaching about the wise man building his house upon the rock.  In my dish tub was a ball of sand/dirt about the size of a softball, and a black and white granite stone, rounded, about the same size.  Of course the lesson is that when I poured water on the rock, nothing happened, but on the sand/dirt mix it washed away.

Well, from the mouths of the children we often hear godly words as in this case.  When I said nothing happened to the rock when I poured on the water, I was wrong.  Something did happen.  One of the children pointed out that the rock got prettier when it got wet.  It sparkled!!! He was exactly right!

The past few days there have been heavy rains in this area reminding me of this young man's observation.  When the rains and waters of life wash against us, if we have built our lives upon the Rock, Jesus Christ, our lives will shine with the beauty of Jesus in us!  When the testings and challenges come, others can better see Jesus in us, as we allow him to guide us through the raging waters of life.

So the next time you get wet from the waters of life, don't dampen the Spirit, remember to let Jesus sparkle through you!

Pastor Torger

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