About Us | Cross Roads History

Cross Roads Began in 1992 

Cross Roads Community Church was chartered as a United Methodist congregation in 1992, with just 37 charter members.

The Original Building was Built Without Debt 

The land the present church stands on now was obtained in 1996. Even before digging the footings, members spent a week walking and praying over every square inch of their new property. The congregation pitched in to complete their worship space (the present Fellowship Hall) in 1998, without any debt. The original 37 members had grown to 100. By 2004, the Cross Roads Church family had grown to the point of needing an addition, which became our current sanctuary in 2005.

Looking Forward to Our 25th Anniversary

 Today, Cross Roads Community Church is home to over 170 members and many more summer visitors who enjoy our nearby lake country. Ministries, ministers and members may change over the years, but the heart of the ministry remains the same. “Our hope is built on nothing less, than Jesus Christ our righteousness.” God willing, we look forward to many more years of ministry together!